The History of Liquidation 125 Plus


The company opens its doors with Réjean Martel and his partner. There are only 3 employees.


The family story truly began when Alain and Roger Martel, respectively the son and brother of Réjean Martel, entered the company. It was at this moment that everything began to unravel.


A few years have passed and Liquidation 125 plus has already had to move into a larger neighboring building. This issue resurfaces very quickly.


Groundbreaking for the new location of Liquidation 125 Plus


The current store opens its doors with a surface area 10x larger.

The opening of the outdoor tent in the summer season creates unprecedented enthusiasm.

Liquidation 125 plus now has more than twenty employees who form an extraordinary team.


Liquidation 125 plus - with marquee


Liquidation 125 plus is a family business and it shows! In addition to the Martel family; the father, the son, the uncle, the father-in-law, the daughters and the mother, other small families join our team to make it the big Liquidation 125 plus family.


St. Patrick's Day - liquidation 125 plus - dog


Saint Patrick

St. Patrick's Day is an event that we love to celebrate, you will certainly find us in the annual Rawdon parade with an ever more original allegorical cart.




round table gala - liquidation 125 more


We were nominated in the Human Resources category at the Rawdon Round Table Gala in 2019. It was an honor to participate and win this wonderful award. We are focused on the human aspect with both our employees and our customers and we are very happy that it shows.