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CRICUT JOY – Compact Smart Cutting and Writing Machine

CRICUT JOY – Compact Smart Cutting and Writing Machine

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CRICUT JOY - Compact Smart Cutting and Writing Machine

Features :

  • Use your smartphone or computer to create a custom project in minutes
  • Easily switch between a blade for cutting and pens for writing and drawing
  • Cuts individual shapes up to 4 feet (1.2m) in length or makes continuous cuts up to 20 feet (6m) in length without a cutting mat
  • For interesting and functional projects
  • Perfectly Cuts Popular Materials: Ideal for card making, vinyl decals, fabric transfers and more. Also cuts construction paper
  • Writes and draws flawlessly: Perfect for writing a personal monogram, inscribing an invitation or labeling just about anything
  • Requires a compatible computer or mobile device and high-speed Internet connection

Content :

  • Cricut Joy Compact Smart Cutting Machine
  • Blade and case
  • Black fine point pen (0.4mm)
  • StandartGrip Mat 11.4cm x 16.5cm (4.5p x 6.5p)
  • Welcome card
  • Adapter
  • Cricut Access Free Trial Subscription (for new subscribers)
  • 50 projects ready to carry out online
  • Materials to practice cutting
  • Cricut Joy Basic Tool Set
  • Cricut Joy Card Mat 11.4cm x 15.9cm (4.5p x 6.25p)
  • Cricut Joy Medium Grip Cover 11.4cm x 30.5cm (4.5p x 12p)
  • Cricut Joy card inserts: 12 cream cards 10.8cm x 14cm (4.25p x 5.5p), 12 matte gold holographic inserts 10.2cm x 13.3cm (4p x 5.25p), 12 white envelope cards 11, 1cm x 14.6cm (4.4p x 5.75p)
  • Cricut Joy Smart Iron-On Classics Sample: 3 sheets in black, silver and gold 13.9cm x 30.4cm (5.5p x 24p)
  • Cricut Joy Smart Permanent Beach Side Vinyl Sample: 5 Sheets in Tulip, Mint, Teal, Coral, Tangerine 5.5" x 12" (5.5" x 12")
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