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LEAP FROG - LeapStart Interactive Reader

LEAP FROG - LeapStart Interactive Reader

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LEAP FROG - LeapStart Interactive Reader

Discover the magic of LeapStart! This interactive system evolves with your child to offer them a unique gaming experience. The available library contains more than 10 books to guide children in their key learning up to primary school. Interactive player including educational games, problem solving and activities to develop logic and observation skills and more. Perfect for students in grades K-1.

Features :

  • 2-7 years
  • More than 250 activities to discover in the LeapStart library
  • Interactive, edutainment, intuitive and scalable reader
  • Books sold separately: Level 1 (2-5 years), level 2 (3-6 years), level 3 (4-7 years)
  • Works with 2 AA batteries included
  • 2 books included

Content :

  • LeapStart Interactive Player
  • 16-page discovery booklet
  • Book: I discover numbers with Scout and Violette
  • Micro-USB cable
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