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LEGO - Harry Potter the Ministry of Magic 76403 *Open Box*

LEGO - Harry Potter the Ministry of Magic 76403 *Open Box*

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LEGO - Harry Potter Ministry of Magic 76403 *Open Box*

Perfect for Harry Potter enthusiasts, this LEGO set is the first to feature the magical headquarters in such authentic detail. Whether you're a wizard or a muggle, have fun transforming Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, with a turn of the head and a new hairpiece, into Albert Runcorn, Mafalda Hopkirk and Reg Cattermole. Visit Dolores Umbridge's office, Arthur Weasley's office, the Hall of Prophecies and the Courtroom while completing your mission to find the Slytherin Locket.

Features :

  • 9+
  • 990 pieces
  • 9 iconic figurines: Harry Potter (Albert Runcorn), Hermione Granger (Mafalda Hopkirk), Ron Weasley (Reg Cattermole), Arthur Weasley, Dolores Umbridge™, Pius Thicknesse, Corban Yaxley and a dementor
  • Modular sections that can be reconfigured
  • Authentic accessories: Red telephone box, Daily Prophet batteries, Umbridge's Patronus cat, 2 decoy detonators, Slytherin medallion, Horcrux
  • Dimensions: 31 cm high, 21 cm wide and 21 cm deep
  • Model: 76403

*An open box means the product is not sealed. It has been checked and tested and is in perfect condition. A one-year warranty is included with Liquidation 125 Plus.

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